Song by Jamie Wakefield (

Chords, Verses: Em G D Am x3, Em G D (Em); Chorus: Em G D; Bridge: Em

Verse 1 (Navarr) Into the eve'ning, My lover, we're leaving. No time left for grieving. Our oaths we fulfil.

Our lives we will offer. A step to here-after. A future made better, For Terunael

Chorus (Thorn) Aye, my lover. A sudden farewell. Aye, my lover. A sudden farewell.

Verse 2 (Thorn) Long we've provided, Our people we guidance, Without us, their stridings, Will travel a far.

Our future decided, Before we're divided, Let's lie here united, As Thorn and Navarr.

Chorus (Navarr)

Bridge (Thorn) Hear me x4

Verse 3 (Navarr) We should be preparing, And what your suggesting, Would use, though its tempting, What time we have ill.

Soon, when we're long gone, Our people embark on, An exodus begun, For Terunael.

Chorus (Thorn)

Bridge x2 (Navarr then Thorn)

Verse 4 (Thorn) Your hard dedication, Is all to your credit, But we've done all we can, and we have to let go.

Let's show we have no doubt, For soon we will bow out. But the dance will continue With other heroes.

Verse 5 (Navarr) Then let us make our rest, And lie in the forest, And let us show our trust, In those who follow.

Let this be a lesson, To trust in your brethren, As our fore-bearers once did, For Terunael.

Coda (both) Aye, my lover, For Terunael (Repeat to end)