To abrogate the ‘favoured nation’ trading status of the Principalities of Jarm. In Autumn 380YE, the Imperial Senate passed the following motion: ‘The Empire recognizes the importance of extant and future trade in strategic materials with our allies in Jarm, and welcomes any overtures to strengthen existing agreements or form new ones.’ With Jarm no longer pursuing it’s previous worthy efforts to rid itself of the blight of slavery, the Empire abrogates this motion.
Proposed by Kallavesa, seconded by Segura.



  • Autumn 382YE


  • Lord-Magister Anton Trescher, who advises the House of Princes on matters of international trade, has been informed of the Senate's decision.
  • This will end favoured trade status with Jarm, likely resulting in the loss of additional crystal mana recieved by ship captains trading with the Principalities.