To accept the Jotun offer of a two year ceasefire during which the Jotun and the Empire will not make war on each other.

Proposed by Upwold, seconded by Mitwold.


  • Agree to a two-year ceasefire with the Jotun orcs.
  • The ceasefire runs from the beginning of the Spring Equinox 377YE until the beginning of the Spring Equinox 379YE.
  • Passed by 27 votes to 0.


  • Passed Summer 377 YE (Event Three 2013).


  • None

Campaign Outcome

The ceasefire prohibits Imperial armies from entering territories claimed by the Jotun, including Liathaven and Mournwold. Jotun campaign armies in turn will not enter any Imperial territory.

At the Spring Equinox 378YE, the senate voted to accept a proposed extension of the treaty which will now end at the start of the Spring Equinox 380YE.

During the Summer Solstice 379YE, the senate voted to abrogate the ceasefire early, to allow them to provide military aid to the Lasambrian orcs against the Jotun.


Subsidiary motions to outlaw raiding on the Jotun during the ceasefire, and to declare the Jotun foreigners for the duration, were proposed and defeated.