The Senate ratifies the treaty with the Orcs of the Great Forest.

Proposed by Holberg, Seconded by Feroz.



  • Summer 381YE

Campaign Outcome

  • The Great Forest Orcs are now officially foreigners.


  • The treaty has passed scrutiny by the Constitutional Court


This treaty shall be between The Empire and the Sovereign Foreign nation of the Great Forest, understood to incorporate the orcs of the Great Forest formerly resident in the Barrens, together with the humans that the Great Forest recognise as members of their nation.


That these intentions, while not legally binding set forth the guiding framework by which each nation endeavours to foster this alliance between our two nations.

First Intention

That this is an alliance between two independent and sovereign peoples made in a spirit of mutual respect.

Second Intention

That the leaders of of each nation, Empress Lisabetta and the elders of the Orcs of the Great Forest shall endeavour to use their power and influence to the best of their ability to foster this alliance between our two peoples.

Third Intention

That both nations make common cause in their desire to vigorously defend against attack by the Druj.

Fourth Intention

That the Empire seeks to ensure dignity, freedom and prosperity to the citizens of the Great Forest while they reside within the Empire’s borders.


These articles shall be entered into Imperial Law:

Article I

That the Great Forest is recognised as a Sovereign Foreign Nation, and that all beings acknowledged as citizens of the Great Forest by their leaders have the status of Foreigners within Imperial Law.

Article II

The citizens of the Great Forest are to be resident as guests of the Navarr within the Lower Tarn Valley, Therunin for a period of 5 years They will be allowed to hunt, build permanent structures and support themselves including trade with the Empire. Imperial citizens living within the Therunin will be free to continue living within the region as they previously would have, including collecting resources.

Article III

That for the above-defined period of time while the Great Forest Orcs reside in the Lower Tarn Valley, they will defend Therunin and will fight together with any Navarri army within the Barrens. That while engaged in such military cooperation, military command of the Great Forest shall be solely vested in the warchief, and that, in such instances where legal responsibility for the actions of the Great Forest are subject to the legal processes of the Empire, the warchief shall be considered equivalent to an Imperial General. That whilst the Empire remains at peace with the Druj, the Great Forest shall take no military action against the Druj, save in self-defence.

Article IV

That for the purposes of enabling co-operation and mutual understanding of matters of defence, the Great Forest leaders shall appoint from the citizens of the Empire a single Military Liaison whose responsibilities shall be to communicate the intent of the Imperial Military Council to the warchief and leaders of the Great Forest. That the Great Forest will communicate their knowledge of the Druj to the Empire through the Military Liaison.

Article V

That citizens of the Great Forest shall be subject to Imperial law, and live as imperial citizens with the exception of practicing their own religion in private. That any Imperial citizens choosing to continue residence in the Leased Region(s) shall be free to follow the doctrine of the way, as decreed by the Imperial Synod. Imperial citizens who chose to follow other religions may face heresy charges. Imperial citizens who choose to move from the Lower Tarn Valley will be allowed safe passage for themselves, their families and their belongings by the Orcs of the Great Forest. Should the practice of the religion of the Great Forest be targeted upon Imperial citizens outside of the Lower Tarn Valley, Therunin, through preaching, the creation of auras other than the Imperial virtues or similar activities, the Great Forest will admit Imperial magistrates and priests to the Leased Region(s) to investigate and pursue any legal actions in consultation with the leaders of the Great Forest. The citizens of the Great Forest will not seek to convert imperial citizens to their religions.

Article VI

That in the event of the Barrens coming under Imperial Control, the above-named regions shall be released back into the Empire’s control and the Barrens regions of The Heart of Peytaht shall be ceded to the nation of the Great Forest. With this occurrence, both nations commit to attempt new negotiations to forge a new Treaty.

Article VII

That in the event of breaches of this treaty, provision is made for reparations to be agreed through the auspices of Imperial magistrates and equivalent representatives of the Great Forest.

Article VIII

That in the event of either nation seeking to withdraw from this treaty, advance indication of this shall be given, and the termination of this treaty shall occur six months after such notice is given.

Article IX

Navarri citizens are to walk freely through the leased region, specifically, but not exclusively to walk the trods. Such citizens shall not hunt, to deprive the Orcs of the Great Forest of food. No harassment of Imperial Citizens shall take place whilst travelling through this region and there shall be no harassment of the Citizens of the Great Forest by Imperial Citizens

Representing the Empire:- Miroslav di Sarvos, Proxy Imperial Consul Representing the Great Forest:- Speaker of Totems

This treaty discussed at the Spring Equinox summit 381YE

This treaty to take effect immediately upon its ratification under Imperial Law and equivalent due process by the Great Forest