To ratify the treaty with the Sarcophan Delves as detailed below

Trade Treaty between the Empire, as represented by the Imperial Consul on behalf of the Imperial Senate, and the Bedelaar-Huisbaas Vandersaar, as represented by Edwin Vandersaar.

  • That the Bedelaar-Huisbaas Vandersaar do agree to make available 24 wains of white granite to the Empire each season
  • That the Empire may purchase said granite at a cost of:
32 crowns for the first 8 wains
29 crowns for the second 8 wains
26 crowns for the last 8 wains
  • That the Imperial Senate shall appoint a minister to oversee the purchase of said wains.
  • That suitable docks shall be made available with offices for any appointed minister, such that the wains may be unloaded.
  • This treaty shall remain in effect as long as both parties are not at war with each other.
  • Both parties reserve the right to renegotiate the quantity and price of the wains after a period of 1 year.
  • This treaty shall come into effect immediately upon ratification by the Imperial Senate, the Bedelaar-Huisbaas Vandersaar and upon construction of a suitable cargo dock and ministerial offices.

Imperial Consul, Aureliana Perpetua Nicasia Saverio di Sarvos
Ambassador to the Sarcophan Delves, Thanmir Hrafn
Representative of Bedelaar-Huisbaas Vandersaar, Edwin Vandersaar

Proposed by Miaren, Seconded by Zenith


  • Passed


  • Autumn 380YE


  • 40 wains of Weirwood and 10 wains of of White Granite
  • 12 Thrones 4 Crowns
  • Time: 3 months


  • The Senator has indicated the intention to build the docks mentioned in Cargo, in the Urizen territory of Redoubt.
  • The treaty has been ratified by the Bedelaar Husibas of the Sarcophan Delves and work may begin following the Winter Solstice 380YE.
  • As a ministry, the docks do not have an upkeep. The suggestion they did was in error.


The Bourse shall control access to those resources that are essential to the prosperity of any great empire.

Imperial Constitution

The only well-worn path for appointing someone to oversee these docks would be to have the imperial title appointed through the Bourse. If the title were Imperial, then it would be auctioned annually. If the title were national, it would be appointed by the citizens of the appropriate nation using their traditional methods.

As the motion does not specify whether the position will be national or Imperial - then the civil service will look for guidance on this matter from the Senator who raised the motion.