A motion to remove the heretical elements from: The Pallas Docks and Runeforge in Redoubt; Lorenzo’s Great Game and Lorenzo’s Legacy of Loyalty in Temeschwar; Lorenzo’s Legacy of Ambition in Tassato; Lorenzo’s Legacy of Vigilance in Hahnmark. Costing six of the Senate commissions and 92 Thrones 4 crowns, or 185 Thrones depending on Synod decisions.

Proposed by Temeschwar, seconded by Redoubt.


  • This motion was to alter the works of Almodin Oktístis, the Asavean Architect as detailed here
  • Passed


  • Spring 383YE


  • 92 thrones and 4 crowns


  • 92 thrones and 4 crowns provided by Giuseppe Sanguineo von Temeschwar after the Spring Equinox.

Campaign Outcome

  • The Lorenzo's Great Game, the Legacy of Ambition, the Legacy of Loyalty, the Legacy of Vigilance, the Pallas Docks, and the Spiral Sword will all have their heretical elements removed.
  • How this motion interacts with the Synod Mandate 14: the Synod-inspired mobs tore out the idolatrous statues and other decorations and repurposed them in a way intended to send a clear message to the Asaveans that their idolatry would not be tolerated. Then the Senate-employed craftspeople repaired the damage. You can read about this in more detail here.