To extend the provisions of sorcery to proscribe the use, ownership, or possession of

Ritual Staves
Coven Stones
Crystaline mana, Vis and anything of similar properties to cast rituals
Items that have passed from a realm into the empire
Potions whose primary purpose is to aid or enhance the performance of rituals

Proscribed items are to be placed in the vaults of the Conclave for use by the will of the Conclave.

Regalia are not subject to these proscriptions.

Proposed by Feroz, Seconded by Redoubt


  • This followed on from a previous motion to amend the crime of sorcery.
  • It was noted during the debate that these restrictions would include any item which had passed from a realm into the Empire using a ritual
  • Passed


  • Summer 380YE

Campaign Outcome


During Autumn 381YE some amendments were made to this law by the Constitutional Court. This meant that the earlier prohibition against sorcerers possessing crystal mana was overturned. Earlier amendents had already changed the understanding that illegal items would be confiscated and given to the Imperial Conclave. Further details can be found here.