That in order that the Conclave Liason to the Senate is better able to serve the Empire:
  • The Liason may have the power Advising the Senate, allowing them to attend and speak in Senate sessions, with the intention that this be used for Conclave related discussions
  • That the Liason may address the Conclave once per summit without having to pay the initial mana cost.
  • That the post of Conclave Liason to the Senate henceforth be renamed Imperial Magus.

    Proposed by Feroz, Seconded by Morrow


  • The abilities of the Conclave Liaison to the Senate were modified.
  • The position was renamed Imperial Magus
  • Passed in principle


  • Passed Autumn 378YE

Campaign Outcome

  • The powers of the Conclave Liason to the Senate were amended, and the name of the title changed.