To amend the powers of the Imperial Seer to include the power to raise a Gambit once per summit.

As per the Conclave declaration of Winter 379YE.

Proposed by Redoubt, Seconded by Bregasland

The Conclave believes that the Imperial Seer should be allowed a gambit to obtain resources to repay covens assisting with divination.

The first Imperial Seer Solsetar's Declaration of Concord to the Conclave Winter 379YE


  • This motion was to amend the previous motion to create the title of Imperial Seer to grant the power to raise a gambit once per summit.
  • Passed


  • Autumn 380YE


The Constitutional Court have noted and corrected a number of errors in procedures following the time of emergency which have now been corrected. As such this motion is not compatible with the prescribed methods of the Conclave. The civil service apologize for these errors.