Trouble on the Road

The wagon jolted as a wheel splashed through a puddle that was deceptively deep. Radev grunted and wiped the rain from his eyes before pulling his cap forward. The rain and mud was unwelcome, but the oxen were sure footed. Besides, Radev was determined to make good time for the cart was laden with boxes of supplies for cousin Vassily and the others. Letters from home, food and other supplies that would bolster the spirits of the troops and remind them of home.

There was another jolt, and then suddenly a loud snap. The wagon lurched to the left, and Radev scrabbled to keep his balance. Looking behind him, he saw one of the wheels fall away. The oxen halted. Radev jumped down and bent on one knee to take a closer look. After a moment, his expression soured. The marks were unmistakable; the axle had been partially sawn through. The jolting on the rough trod had strained it to breaking point - and beyond.

Radev looked at the road ahead of him, and behind. The rain continued to fall, and nightfall was mere hours away.

Civil Service Report

Citizens across the Varushkan territory of Miekarova are reporting encountering an increased number of malign auras of anarchy, as well as acts of sabotage and disruption. These seem to be primarily targeted at the infrastructure supporting smaller military units. The planned and coordinated nature of these events and auras speaks heavily of an unusually large, and organised, effort by an anarchy cult.

An analysis of the impact of these actions indicates that, if unchecked, these acts will significantly reduce the efficacy of military units that operate out of Miekarova. Soldiers in these units risk becoming demoralised, distracted by concerns at home, and be denied missives and supplies intended to bolster them. A small consolation is that the libertine effect of the anarchy auras has seen more impulse purchasing, which has been beneficial to businesses in the territory. However, this kind of stimulus is unsustainable.

As yet, no specific anarchist cult is claiming credit for the attacks, however these incidents follow the consecration of the Senate building to anarchy nearly two years ago, and that at least one individual condemned by the Synod has yet to face the magistrates.

The threat to Miekarova-based military units is twofold:

  • The practical acts of sabotage committed by the cultists
  • The use of hallowings and consecrations that affect the actions and judgement of citizens

Over the course of its history, the Empire has had to deal with a range of bandits, cultists and insurgents. Based off similar events, if nothing is done in response, then military units based out of Miekarova will experience a massive reduction in effectiveness[1], but businesses in Miekarova will experience a moderate improvement in demand[2]. In the past, strategies that have been employed in situations such as these include:

  • A Senate Motion to recruit additional militia in an affected territory. This primarily addresses the practical acts of sabotage through prevention and apprehension of saboteurs. Disbursement of 18 Thrones would recruit sufficient militia support to reduce the disruption to military units [3]. Disbursement of 26 Thrones would recruit sufficient militia support to almost completely eliminate the disruption to military units [4]. Neither action would affect the bonus to businesses caused by auras..
  • As an alternative to additional militia resources, the Senate could authorise the deployment of military units in Miekarova. A Senate-approved deployment of five military units would be able to sweep the territory for anarchists and forcibly relocate them to a neighbouring territory, i.e. Skarsind, Karov or Volodmartz. The intended relocation would need to be specified in the Senate Motion.
  • During the Freedom Heresy, the Synod directed priests to lead the exorcism of blasphemous auras in Montane. A Statement of Principle made by the Varuskhan National Assembly, or a Virtue Assembly, could name a person who would be responsible for coordinating exorcism efforts. Estimates are that the person would need around 14 liao to achieve this. The disruption to military units would be reduced, but the benefit to businesses would also be reduced/eliminated[5].
  • An alternative would be the creation of a multiude of auras of Vigilance to aid the citizens of Miekarova in being alert to anarchists and/or resisting the blasphemous auras. A Statement of Principle from the Assembly of Vigilance could name one of their number - capable of raising consecrations of vigilance - to coordinate the creation of virtuous auras to counter those of the anarchists. The named priest would need around 17 liao to achieve this. The auras would limit the disruption the anarchists can do to military units, but not change the impact on businesses[6]
  • This anarchist sect appears to be well-organised. The ability to disrupt their leadership structure would likely limit their ability to disrupt Imperial military units [7]. However, the civil service has very little intelligence regarding this anarchist group.

The above options are the lessons learned across the history of the Empire. The civil service does not expect that this is an exhaustive or absolute list. Costings for Senate Motions, Conclave Gambits or Synod Rewardings can be requested from the civil service at the Hub. The impact of other actions taken by Imperial Citizens can also be factored into consideration.


The Vigilance Assembly named Vitomir Vardov as the priest responsible for creating virtuous auras across Miekarova to combat the influence of the anarchists.


  • [1] -6 resources on raiding or -60 strength in war per military unit
  • [2] +36 rings income per business
  • [3] Military unit penalty reduces by 2 resources / 20 strength per unit
  • [4] Military unit penalty reduces by 4 resources / 40 strength per unit
  • [5] Military unit penalty reduces by 2 resources / 20 strength per unit; benefit to businesses lost
  • [6] Military unit penalty reduces by 2 resources / 20 strength per unit; benefit to businesses remains
  • [7] Military unit penalty reduces by 2 resources / 20 strength per unit