As the Citadel Guard does not need the Bread Basket this season, and no other army is eligible or requesting the help it would provide, in recognition of the sacrifices made by the Marchers as a whole, and by Bregasland farmers and citizens especially, I hereby allocate the Bread Basket and the prosperity it provides to the Marcher territory of Bregasland. May it help to alleviate its citizens' suffering.

Announced by the Keeper of the Breadbasket


  • Announcement


  • Spring 384YE.


While the benefits of directing any surplus to Bregasland will be welcomed by the inhabitants, there is no opportunity for the bread basket to make a material difference to the situation there, because the Jotun invasion has not created widespread famine. The Jotun are not destroying farms - indeed they are keen for Bregas to continue working their farms (albeit as thralls). If there was a famine in a Marcher territory, that the Bread Basket might be able to make a material difference (but then such an opportunity would be detailed in a wind of fortune).

OOC Information

We have updated the title page to provide clear information on the Breadbasket and the options that are always available to the Keeper with when using the power to control the Distribution of Imperial Bounty in the absence of a specific opportunity.