To the tune of Katusha. Lyrics by David Holley.

Once, in Karsk, I came across a meadhall Mead, they served, just one Ring for a pint “We’ll drink here”, oh, I called out to my cousins “Sun’s gone down, we’ll drink right through the night”

Dawnish lads, were sat around a table Gleaming armour, ready for a fight “Drinks for them”, oh, I called out to the barkeep “Maybe they’ll drink with us through the night”

Pissed, we got, a Throne had passed our pockets Dawnish lads, just pissed their pretty tights “Had too much”, oh, I called out to the tavern “Only schlacta drink right through the night”

One got up, and waved his dagger at me “You!” he said, “I challenge to a fight” Thrown outside, oh, he landed in a snowdrift With some luck, he’ll make it through the night

Mead we had, and mead we kept on drinking ‘Til outside, did glow the morning light Drink, drink, drink, til Varushka’s day is dawning Time to leave, we’ve made it through the night.