Words and tune by Aneurin Redman-White. PDF here.

Beyond Apulian’s Light

Ithamar Legacy

When I was young and scarce eighteen They said I lacked for poise; With book or wand was seldom seen But wine and handsome boys. My parents to my great dismay Did vow to set me right; They said I’d learn my arete Beyond Apulian’s light.

Apprenticed to a sailing crew And set aboard in haste, From captain’s lips the order flew “There is no time to waste!” They weighed the anchor, shook out sail And soon we were in flight To southward on a summer gale Beyond Apulian’s light.

Now as time fled I bolder grew And seasoned in my work; I ran aloft with my ship’s crew And would no duty shirk. When Grendel sought our ship to burn We triumphed in the fight I knew that honour I would earn Beyond Apulian’s light.

We crossed the ocean unafraid For Asavea bound Where orichalcum, tempest jade, And mazzarine are found. We bargained for their treasures there And to my bed at night I took a slave-magician fair Beyond Apulian’s light.

Soon home to Spiral we returned And found within the year My parents’ lesson I’d not learned: I bore a daughter dear. But though I’ve travelled far since then And memories burn bright Her father I’ve not seen again Beyond Apulian’s light.