• Original composition by Chris Clarke
  • Blood and Salt on SoundCloud, sung by Chris Clarke, Lily Brandhorst and Ed Ingold

When I was young I joined a brand new crew, Up walked the captain he told me true, Lad if you true Grendel be, Go seek your fortune on the sea.

As Grendel, we’re richer, we’re smarter too, Behold our mighty ships as we sail the blue, All our foes route ask them they’ll say, There’s no doubt the Grendel rule the Bay.

Not much time later a week had passed, A laugh was heard from atop the mast, The spotter had sighted a freeborn sail, We laughed with him as we know they’d fail.

We hunted them down with speed and grace, TheY tried to flee but we kept the pace, The raiders leapt the combat was joined The foe will turn us a pretty coin.

Later on I saw the captain drawing plans, I wondered what and I asked the man, He said see Sarvos that glittering jewel, The empire has riches along her shores.

A month gone by and a great success, Great Grendel discipline passed the test, Sarvos now burning in Grendel hands, Our troops scattered round to plunder their lands.

A year later, and I’ve become first mate, My seniors are all quite irritate, I found a journal 'neath the captains bed, And if the Salt Lords saw it they’d have his head.

I've five ships now my old captaiN Is gone, Getting money for a ship would take to long, Instead I snuck down to the shore, Showed the Salt Lords the journal, now he's no more.

Now soldiers listen theirs a morale here, Betray the Salt Lords and your sure to disappear, But hold your lines, make the foe curse, You'll return to your homeland with a bulging purse