by Stephanie Heath and Anna Clifford-Tait

Recording here: Brave Varushka Forth

A cry that echoes in the valleys Heed the call from beyond the sea Though the baying wolves are gath'ring Now must start the first journey

Chorus: Strangest lands await us Brave Varushka forth Set your course before the winter Keep a watch upon the North

Sons and daughters of the mountains Chase the dream, abate your fear Brave the shadows, fight the darkness Those you leave will shed no tear

Travel fast, the Wardens guarding Step not first among the trees Bring us back your tales of gladness Songs of life to stir the bees

Sons and daughters of the mountains Forge your name upon the field Though some may fall beneath the shadow With shattered sword and splintered shield

Those you leave will call you homeward Those you leave will sing your names We will keep the hearth fire burning Bravest heroes, seek your fame.