Song by Jamie Wakefield (

Chords: Dm Asus Dm Dsus Dm Asus

Verse 1 How can you pretend to know of violence, Sitting, reading fairy tales of war? Tell me what's the worst that you can fear! A papercut? My Dawnish friend, our wounds are deeper still.

Chorus Ai! Ai-ee-eh! Ai-ee-eh! Ai! Ai-ee-eh! Ai-ee-eh!

Verse 2 The borders of The Empire are too fragile, To let an enemy get half-a-chance. Kill them where you can, Use everything you have to hand. Noble grace will send you to your grave.


Verse 3 with bridge. The Striding walks the trod to save our homeland. The Steading guards the wood 'till they return. You would blindly wander in alone? You cannot see. You cannot hear. There in the deep... The Vallorn lie.... They never sleep... They're waiting...


Verse 4 On the road, the paths we tread are endless. The weariness will wear you to the bone. The enemy will wait for you to stumble. With vigilance, your only coat of steel.