To construct the Cinderpath Exchange in Mareholm, Casinea. This is a ministry that allows the purchase of white granite. This will be self-funded. This will create the Imperial title ‘Cinderpath Benefactor’ who will be appointed annually by the National Assembly of Highguard.
Proposed by Necropolis, seconded by Redoubt.



  • Summer 382YE


During scrutiny of this motion it was discovered that Abraham had given incorrect information on the floor of the Senate regarding the potential impact of this motion on the amount of white granite that would be available on the public auction. As this error was judged to be significant in the decision to reject the motion, the civil service indicated that they would raise an administrative motion for the Imperial Senate to reconsider this opportunity. After consultation with the senator for Necropolis, they have requested that the motion be raised at the Friday evening Senate session.

Currently, with the Highborn assembly mandate supporting it, the Cinderpath Exchange would remove 6 wains of white granite each season from the public auction. If, when it were competed, the General assembly mandate were passed, the amount removed would rise to 8 wains.

The administative motion was raised but failed. The Cinderpath Exchange will not be constructed.

Constitutional Challenge

Following a constitutional challenge it was confirmed that it was unconstitutional for this ministry to be appointed by the Highborn assembly; rather it would be appointed by vote of Highborn congregations. A subtle but significant difference.