To disburse funds for and commission the restoration of the Great Harbour of Elos in Redoubt, a great work yielding prosperous returns to the territory and the tax budget. Overseen by the Elosian Architect, an Imperial title appointed by Imperial Bourse Auction, with the right to purchase foreign herbs.

Proposed Volodmartz, Seconded Sarvos


  • Commissions the construction of a Great Harbour at Elos, in the Naris region of Redoubt.
  • Details of this opportunity can be found in the To see what you sell Wind of Fortune.
  • Passed at 300 Thrones


  • Spring 384YE


  • As detailed in the wind of fortune
  • 35 wains of weirwood
  • 35 wains of white granite
  • 140 crowns in labour costs,
  • Six months to construct


  • 5 wains of weirwood and 35 wains of white granite provided by Radomir Ivanovic Volkov after Spring Equinox 384YE
  • 17 thrones 4 crowns and 30 wains of weirwood provided by Gancio di Catazar after Spring Equinox 384YE


  • Once work on the great harbour is completed the title of Elosian Architect will be available to be appointed.