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In support of the People of the Mark's wishes following the Autumn 383YE, unanimous Greater Majority Judgement of the Wintermark National Assembly: A Time-Limited, Must Happen Now, motion to: Create a vibrant new herb-garden sinecure outside Masi in Kallavesa Marsh named "Hufi's Garden". Creating at the request of healers and herbalists of Wintermark a position for its holder, recognised and acknowledge across the Mark via the new Imperial Title - the "Woundbinder of the Mark." The Woundbinder of the Mark would have a responsibility to inspire the grimnir and healers of the nation and ensure the wounded heroes of Wintermark are well tended to. If Wintermark heroes pay the Wounderbinder whatever coin they could spare. The herbalists of Wintermark pledge their support in the form of a supply of additional herbs the Woundbinder may acquire to save more lives. Estimated to a maximum of 67 additional herbs available. The Grimnirs and Healers of Wintermark feel that this title should lead by example rather than be appointed by the Thanes Council, and as such they will make their wishes clear to the Senators of Wintermark who shall appoint unanimously. Cost: 16 wains white granite and 32 crowns and requires an imperial commission. The sinecure produces 10 doses of true vervain, 4 doses of bladeroot, 4 doses of imperial roseweald, 4 doses of marrowort and 2 doses of rare realmsroot.

Proposed Hahnmark, Seconded Kallavesa


  • Commissions a herb garden in (TBC) in Wintermark.
  • The opportunity around this proposal is detailed in the All lift together wind of fortune.
  • Passed at 80 Thrones


  • Spring 384YE


  • As detailed in the wind of fortune
  • 16 wains of white granite
  • 32 crowns in labour costs
  • Three months to construct


  • 4 thrones and 16 wains of white granite provided by Hengest Dun after Spring Equinox 384YE