To commission a folly in Sarcombe, Mournwold, to be named ‘The Sarcombe Register.’ This folly will allow the registration of orphans with the aim of finding them new families. The folly to create the position of Custodian of the Registry, appointed for life by the Marcher Senators, revocable by the Marcher Assembly.
Proposed by Bregasland, seconded by Skarsind.



  • Winter 382YE


  • This commission uses non-standard costs.
  • 6 wains of white granite
  • 12 crowns labour
  • 3 months to complete


  • 6 wains of white granite and 12 crowns provided by Orrick of House Bolholt after the Spring Equinox 383YE.


  • The Sarcombe Register help friars find families willing to take in orphans