I, Sagua i'Ezmara Master of the Koboldi, will be building a glorious statue celebrating the victories in Semmerholm, Ossium and the wider Empire achieved alongside the Knights of Glory and to honour our long standing relationship with Eleonaris. This has been explicitly requested by the Conclave as a matter of urgency. It will be placed at the Semmeholm end of the Golden Causeway, where those who cross it can be best appreciate it. It will then be the decision of the senate to cede the folly or retain ownership. As the master of the Koboldi will be busy installing the Runic Hearth of Adamant the responsibility for warm Dawnish hospitality of the koboldi will be assumed by Amica Peddler, proxy senator of Semmerholm.

Announced by Sagua i'Ezmara, Master of the Koboldi



  • Summer 384YE


  • As detailed in the wind of fortune
  • 30 wains of white granite
  • 60 crowns in labour costs
  • Three months to construct


  • 7 thrones 4 crowns and 30 wains of white granite provided by Gancio di Catazar after Summer Solstice 384YE


  • The Imperial Senate ceded control of the statue during the same Senate session. The Queen of the Fields of Glory has laid claim to the monument in the town of Semmer's Rose.