To construct a Folly, an Imperial Treasure Ship, named 'Adventure', laden with valuables in the port of Siroc. Upon completion, the Adventure will set sail, leaving the Bay of Catazar behind, accompanied by whatever Fleets dare to sail with it. Seeking out the most ferocious Tempest, the Adventure's crew will lash the wheel, driving it towards the eye of the storm then scuttle the ship, sending it and its cargo to rest in the deep oceans before boarding the other vessels.

Raised on behalf of the Archmage of Summer, Solomon, in pursuit of the support of the Regent of the Eternal Sea, Rhianos.

Proposed by Madruga, Seconded by Morrow


  • Construct a "treasure ship" that will be sacrificed to Rhianos once completed.
  • Passed


  • Autumn 381YE


  • 3 wains of mithril, 3 wains of weirwood, and 12 crowns provided by Anwar - i - Del Toro - i - Riquezza

Campaign Outcome

  • Unknown