To build a Fortified Manor at Beacon Point in Liathaven, with a view to future upgrades.

A Fortified Manor will provide a place of Refuge for local Citizens, which will assist against raiding.

Proposed by Therunin, Seconded by Miekarova



  • Passed Autumn 378YE


  • 8 wains of white granite and 2 Thrones
  • Time: 3 months


  • 8 wains of white granite and 2 thrones supplied by Caerwyn after Summer Equinox 379YE

Campaign Outcome

  • When completed, a fortified manor house will provide a place of refuge for local citizens.
  • This should protect the people of Beacon Point from the worst effects of raiding by the Jotun as well as the attacks of bandits in the southern mountains.
  • The fortified steading was a casualty of the Jotun invasion of Liathaven in late 379YE.