Mask of the corsair.jpg
Over time, a mask of this type may become imbued with violent emotion.


The Corsair's Bloody Mask empowers the wearer to perform Spring magic enchantments that empower fleets and bands of warriors who undertake independent action at sea or on land.

Otherwise known as the Crimson Reaver Mask, this talisman is often crafted to resemble a ferocious beast of the sea, spattered with the blood of its last victim; or a maniacally grinning face with blood dripping from the sides of the mouth. The mask often inspires fear in those who view it, or makes them feel uncomfortable. As with many such items, these masks are often ceremoniously disposed of after their magic begins to attenuate - in the case of the Bloody Mask it is traditional to immerse them in salt water. This is generally done by returning them to the sea, although at least one Highborn chapter has a catacomb full of bowls of salt water in each of which lies a mask. Recreating the magic using the same mask has in the past led to tragic circumstances where the violent passions experienced by the wearer begin to linger, or become too powerful to be easily controlled. There are also stories in which a mask used repeatedly with little rest between rituals causes bloody welts to open up on the skin beneath.

Their construction often incorporates Rhyv, the Rune of Blood, especially in the context of shedding blood rather than healing wounds.


"May the wind be at your backs, your sails remain full, and your prow hold fast."

"May your blades remain keen, your armour stalwart and your minds clear. Be not afraid, for you have magic at your back."