To create the title ‘Emissary of the Celestial Library’, a national title appointed by vote of the magicians of Urizen. To be responsible for aiding the scholars and librarians of Urizen and the Empire, aiding them in the responsible spread of knowledge, supporting libraries and places of learning. Interceding between such people and Phaleron, the Celestial Library. The title holder will receive Regalia created by Phaleron to assist in casting Skein of Years and Gift of Knowledge. Also will be able to request information on one topic. This position to be revokable by the Urizen National Assembly.
Proposed by Spiral, seconded by Skarsind


  • To create a new Urizen national title "Emissary to the Celestial Library" in concert with the eternal Phaleron.
  • Passed


  • Summer 383YE