Appoint a Minister for Resupply in Miaren.

Proposed by Astolat, seconded by Morrow.


  • Create Imperial title with the power of the Senate to authorize resupply of armies.
  • Passed at 25 Thrones with 16 votes for, 8 votes against.


  • Autumn 377YE.


  • Stipend: 25 Thrones per season from the Senate budget

Campaign Outcome


The Senate were advised that it is not possible to create a great works that could automatically provide emergency resupply to armies based in Miarren without a source of appropriate materials, mithril or weirwood, that could meet the costs. The senators elected to create an Imperial title with the authority to carry out the work instead.

When the title was created it was unclear which other powers, if any, this title had been granted. The civil service raised procedural motions at the Winter Solstice Summit 377YE to clarify whether this title had the power to:

  • resupply an Imperial army.
  • raise a new Imperial army.
  • repair a fortification.
  • create a new fortification.

If the title did possess one or more of these powers, they would still be procedurally announced to the Senate by the civil service (although no voting would be involved), and subject to the veto of the Imperial Synod.

The outcome of the procedural motions was to clarify that the Quartermaster General had the power only to resupply an Imperial army.