That the senate create a position of sinecure, to be allocated by the Navarr senators to organise and administrate a lottery. We suggest 40% of the takings to be used as prizes, 10% to be given to the title, 50% to be given to the senate.

Proposed by Therunin, seconded by Mitwold.


  • Defeated 6 votes to 20


  • Autumn 377YE


  • A sinecure produces an income for the Imperial citizen appointed to be responsible for it. Any sinecure would require at least 10 wains of White Granite, Weirwood or Mithril to build, dependent on income produced.


This position does not appear to be a sinecure, it does not appear to involve the expenditure of materials to create a structure that would produce an income. At present any Imperial citizen could choose to operate a lottery and can choose to grant a portion of the profits earned to the Imperial Senate.

If the Senate wish to pass a law criminalizing gambling - except via the operations conducted by a character with an appropriate Imperial title then they could do so - but the title would need to be appointed by the Bourse, since this activity would fall within their purview.

It is perfectly legal to include expectations of behaviour with a motion and the Synod are encouraged to take such suggestions into account when determining whether to revoke an individual. However it is beyond the constitutional limits of the Senate's powers to create legally binding requirements for how an Imperial title holder should discharge their responsibilities.