There is only one virtuous response to a surprise attack from a Foreign Nation that has slain 3000 Imperial citizens this past season.
I propose an immediate declaration of war against the Barrens Orcs that are currently laying siege to an Imperial fort. Proposed by Weirwater, Seconded by Astolat


  • Passed


  • Winter 379YE

Campaign Outcome

  • The Barrens Orcs are no longer foreigners are no longer protected by Imperial Law.
  • A delegation from the Orcs of The Barrens would still be protected, as if foreigners, under the law.

OOC Note

The attack on the Towers of Dawn has reduced the effective military strength of the fortification from 6000 to 3000. This does not correlate to 3000 dead soldiers but rather a fifth of this figure with the rest being material damage done to the structure of the fortification. It has the impact of reducing the effective projection of military strength by the equivalent of 3000 soldiers as described in the winds of war.