To expand (prospect) the Mithril mine in Sermersuaq. Self-funded.

Proposed by Hahnmark, seconded by Kallavesa.



  • Spring 382YE


  • 10 Thrones


  • None

Campaign Outcome

  • Prospectors will be dispatched to the mithril mine on receipt on the money.
  • The motion mentions the project is "self funded" but the opportunity makes it clear the costs accrue to the Senate.
  • Hengest Dun donated 10 Thrones to the treasury to cover the cost of this motion.
  • The prospectors returned shortly after the Summer Solstice 382YE. They confirmed that it would be possible to expand the workings significantly - but it would not be cheap. The Senate could commission expansion of the mithril mines at a cost of 400 Thrones, and the work would take six months to complete. At the end of that time, the production of the Pride of Ikka's Tears would increase from 15 wains to 20 wains of mithril each season.