Original Music & Lyrics by Anna Clifford Tait and Stephanie Heath

RECORDING of this song : Dos Vidanya

Chorus: Dos vidanya, those who go before us Dos vidanya, our blood and our heart Pahka, we'll soon come to meet you Just for now, good bye and good night.

No tears we weep for you, we understand Your lives were gave up to appease our cold land But darkness and hunger, they touch you no more Now your names are woven into our land's lore (=law: deliberately ambiguous)

The strength that you offered, the kindess you shared The visions that drove you, the passions that flared As long as these mem'ries remain like a spark Then you remain also, to light up the dark.

Bridge, kinda: We whisper your names to the flames We whisper your names to the flames We call on the memory of the bargain we made We whisper your names to the flames

(Then hum, or repeat bridge as necessary, while those around the fire come forward and whisper to the fire the names of the lost) (Finally repeat chorus)