"My love for you endures like the mountains, is as bottomless as the sea, is as unquenchable as the fires of the sun, is as eternal as the stars themselves and ..."

"Is that meant to be funny? Are you doing this?"

"Sorry, my love, doing what?"

"The stars. Are you ... oh Paragons, where are the stars going!


First observed during the lead-up to the Spring Equinox, the "empty sky" phenomenon continues to spread. By day, nothing appears different; but by night, the skies are empty save for the moon, the clouds, and (in the north) the crimson star. Magicians are at a loss to explain what is happening; the Empire is familiar with the Penumbral Veil of course - but that ritual warps the skies, it does not empty them in a consistent manner.

As the Autumn Equinox approaches, the night skies over Skarsind, Holberg, Necropolis, Bregasland, and Segura remain starless. In addition, within a few days of the end of the Summer Solstice the effect has also spread to Sermersuaq, Volodmartz, Karsk, Miekarova, and the Barrens.


The eerie, empty skies exert an unsettling influence over those who spend too much time studying them

Any character of the naga lineage who has spent extensive time in any of these five territories over the last season will find that their natural urge towards subtlety and secretiveness is greatly strengthened. Naga in general relish being mysterious and secretive, but those who have spent an extended period beneath the inky black skies of the affected territories may actually need to make a significant effort of will to answer direct questions or be honest about their intentions.


It is possible that during the event your character may visit one of the affected territories at night during a quest. Obviously, despite all our efforts, it has proved impossible to actually make the stars disappear so we are forced to ask you to roleplay that there are no stars in the sky. If you do visit one of these territories by night, the roleplaying effect experienced by naga mentioned above becomes especially pronounced. If in any doubt, you should feel free to ask a referee to clarify if you are in (or going to visit) one of the territories that lies beneath an empty sky.

Things Change

Two other large-scale magical effects are probably worth mentioning at this time. One is also a phenomenon associated with the night sky; the other is to do with the waters of the southern Empire.

The Bright Phoenix

During Winter 379YE the astronomantic constellation of the Phoenix began to fade from the skies above the Empire - and with it knowledge of its symbolism, and the ability to use it in ritual magic. Things came to a head just before the Summer Solstice when knowledge of the constellation and the magical law it represented began to slip away from the memories of Imperial magicians entirely.

The night after the end of the Summer Solstice, however, this eerie fading reversed itself abruptly. The constellation returned not only to visibility in the sky, but the symbolism and laws associated with it were immediately recovered by Imperial magicians. If anything, in the months since the end of the Solstice, the constellation and the concept that things learn has been brighter and more prominent in the mind of Imperial magicians than ever.

Fog on the Brine

Since shortly before the Autumn Equinox 379YE, the waters of the northern Bay of Catazar have been shrouded in a mysterious fog. On the last night of the half moon, shortly before the Autumn Equinox 380YE, the fog begins to writhe and twist, causing some consternation that some dreadful magical occurrence was no doubt imminent. Others, more entranced than afraid, held impromptu night-time parties overlooking the sea, marvelling at the beautiful shapes formed by the surging, coiling, gently glowing fog.

The strange motion lasted all night, but with the first rays of dawn the magical mist began to boil upwards, spreading, attenuating and ultimately dispersing. Within ten minutes of sunrise, the entire supernatural fog bank had gone, leaving no sign it had ever existed.