(traditional song from Adina's Charge)

Original: Three Blind Dogs - Jean o’Bethelnie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkhps7U7PkE

Recording: https://soundcloud.com/oxfordgirl/sets/highguard-filk

There were four and twenty Cataphracts at the great hall And Enoch the Lancer was fairest of all There were sixteen Unconquered, eight dark and eight fair, and Levi the archer was the swiftest one there

Down came handsome Enoch, with his brothers behind And his eyes were on Levi like the hound on the hind

So he screws up his courage as tight as can be Saying "Sieur, could I ask for but one dance with thee?" He’s turning round lightly with an eye full of scorn Saying "Sieur, keep your dancing; we hunt on the morn."

So come the next morning in mist before day Ten bleary young huntsmen are armed for the fray. When Levi's seen Enoch with the sun in his hair, He's laughed like the jackdaw and he's fled like the hare.

"Oh chase me and catch me if catch me you can And prove you're a hunter, if you'd be my man." Then Enoch's straight on him, he's swift to the trail Swears "May my heart burst ere I falter or fail!"

Through fen and through forest they're running full well And Levi's the faster on flat and on fell. But Enoch so tireless, never pauses nor rests; While Levi's heart's stuttering so quick in his breast.

They've hunted the morning and hunted the noon; He's chased up the sun, and he ran down the moon. Alone on the hillside his breath caught and failed; But Enoch's hand caught him ere ever he fell.

"Now in my arms, Levi, so in my arms stay, All dressed in white armour, for our wedding-day." "Oh keep your white armour and keep your grey hood! I fight in brown leather; in brown I will wed."

Up spoke the Lord Exarch, with fearsome great scowl, Saying "Who is this Enoch? What colour his cowl? What name has his Chapter? What deeds to it stand That make him so worthy of our Levi's hand?"

So up spoke swift Levi, full wrathful was he, "I've chosen him, Exarch, as he's chosen me. O Enoch, fair Enoch, you shine where you stand, And you'll shine all the brighter with my ring on your hand!"