Before each summit, the Imperial war scouts and the prognosticators produce lists of every conjunction that they have been able to identify. These are not all the conjunctions, these are simply all the conjunctions that they have been able to find. Because of their focus, these conjunctions are usually very military-orientated; they are focused on the movement of the Empire's armies and the barbarian forces arrayed against them. Smaller conjunctions that allow groups to purse their own personal agendas are only rarely discovered by the Imperial civil service.

It is important to note that the details of a conjunction is not fixed - in theory new conjunctions can appear and the destination or size of a conjunction are know to be mutable. The civil service strongly recommend that you check the size and timing of any conjunctions that interest you after you arrive at Anvil.

OOC Note

Depending on the number of skirmish crew available, the size of the conjunctions might be increased between now and the event. They will be fixed Friday afternoon at time-in. Please check the conjunctions early Friday evening to confirm the gate size.


Murders Most Malicious

The Black Plateau has awoken.

Soldiers from the Imperial armies in Spiral are forced to endure the presence of the Night Magic that flows out from Screed. It has driven people to madness. It is still driving them to madness. Explosive passions, intense paranoia, the deepest of violent rages. An outpouring of emotion from deep inside the mind.

Several groups of soldiers from the Iron Helms, numbering no more than a hundred, have fully succumbed to the intrusion of the Black Plateau and have entered into a wild frenzy that they claim drives them to kill. They have fled into the mountains and forested valleys of Ossuary to which the forces of the Empire have withdrawn, becoming roving monsters intent on sating their violent urges to spill blood and inflict cruel suffering on anyone they encounter. They are no longer proud infantry from the dark lands of Varushka, stoic against the darkness of their homelands; they have come to embodied the darkness of their distant land and the creatures that dwell there. Few in Spiral have the strength of mind to endure the power that radiates from Screed, let alone face down these terrors that now hunt the passes of Ossuary. Someone needs to do something.

Nephan Heights, Ossuary18:30 Friday30 people20 minutes
Nephan Canyon, Ossuary19:00 Friday30 people20 minutes
Nephan Steps, Ossuary19:30 Friday30 people20 minutes

A few days before the Spring Equinox the prognosticators report a series of three conjunctions early on the first night of the Equinox. All three lead to the Nephan Traps an area of twisting canyons and basalt pillars in Ossuary, Spiral. There is a chance that these portals can be used to intercept the bands of soldiers that are closing in on the camps of the Winter Sun, Towerjacks, and the Citadel Guard.

At this time the War Scouts cannot provide guidance on which armies will be targeted by each group so the generals of these armies, or their adjutants, will have to coordinate between themselves who will be sent through the Sentinel Gate and likely negotiate with the Varushkans who may also wish to be involved. Several theories have been suggested to help deal with these killers - handing out magical items to quell the rage in their minds, leading them into calming auras such as those created by the Day ritual Solace of Chimes, or quite simply executing them. There are certainly legal repercussions should the last action be taken for as of yet these soldiers have not yet become murderers. However, it is certain that if they are not stopped by the forces of Anvil then they will reap a bloody toll on the Imperial Armies that may number into the hundreds of dead. A tough decision, a hard decision; one that can display wise compassion of the heart, another that is simply a pragmatic logic that is arrived at from basic mathematics. Kill a hundred, or lose several times that number.

Fallen Falcon Found

The Bluehaven, in Apulus18:15 Friday15 people

At the Autumn Equinox 381YE, the people of Wintermark concluded arrangements with a representative of the Grendel to return the body of the dead thane Dogri Thulebane. It has taken quite a while, but Speaker Morna has sent word that the remains and accoutrements of the controversial lord of Crow's Keep have been transported to the borders of Spiral and arrangements made for a hand-over assuming the Winterfolk can reach them. The funeral escort is waiting at the Blue Haven, a sheltered cove in south-eastern Apulus, not far from the border with Mareave.

The Wintermark and Urizen egregores have each identified a conjunction of the Sentinel Gate that will open to Blue Haven on Friday evening and allow a small number of Imperial citizens to travel to the rendezvous point. While the Grendel are unlikely to be arranging a trap, given how seriously they take arrangments where money has changed hands, it is not impossible that they might try something. Furthermore, the entire territory of Spiral is filled with dangers and wracked with supernatural power, and consequently no part of it should be considered "safe". Any party that passes through the gate should ensure that they have prepared for the worst.

Ravens Return to Roost

West Bay, Suaq Wastes20:30 Friday30 people20 minutes
Bitter Tundra, Suaq Wastes21:00 Friday30 people20 minutes

Imperial war scouts have been tracking bands of Jotun pathfinders across the vast reaches of Sermersuaq since their armies crossed the border into Stark. Several war parties of the western barbarians's elite Raðljóst warriors were spotted in the vicinity of the Pride of Ikka's Tears, the recently constructed mithril mine at the foot of the great glacier. It is evident that these orcs have now discovered the existence of the Imperial Bourse workings and are returning back to their Jarls to inform them of this new finding. Prognosticators suggest that the mithril bounty might influence the Jotun's wider strategic interests in the future, diverting their invasion north to claim Suaq Wastes and Suaq Fount, away from the more populated region of Sealtoq next to neighbouring Kalavesa.

The Jotun have split into two separate groups, each taking different routes back towards the armies in Stark and Tanikipari, evidently in an attempt to provide redundancy should one band be intercepted. The first group has reached West Bay on the shores of Sarda; whilst the second group has chosen an easterly path round that lake and are currently passing through Bitter Tundra, an expanse once given over to the collection of bladeroot that grew abundantly in the area.

Whilst of interest to all Suaq and Wintermarkers, as well as those engaged in the Imperial Bourse, the ultimate responsibility for the seat's safety lies with the seat holder, Algar of Ashenhall. The civil service report conjunctions to these two locales on the first evening of the Spring Equinox. Scout reports the Jotun will be preparing to camp, but given the fighting style of the Raðljóst they will be quick to rally and be aggressive towards any force against them. To prevent the Jarls in Sermersuaq discovering of the mithril mine, none of the Jotun should be left alive.


Stone Born Stand Solid

Summer's Stone at Halcorim14:00 Saturday30 people20 minutes
Estavia's Key14:30 Saturday25 people20 minutes
Isle of Seven Goats15:00 Saturday25 people20 minutes

The liberation of Lightsea and the coastal settlements of Free Landing from the Grendel has been swift and decisive. The Grendel's strategic forces, the army and the navies that briefly held parts of Madruga, have withdrawn, leaving only scattered raiders and pirate crews. As the Equinox draws close these small bands are reinforced by elite moridun forces who set about organising the fractious seadogs and preparing defensive positions. The Freeborn corsairs and Imperial War Scouts that have assisted the Marcher soldiers this past season now report that small redoubts, stockades, and barriers have been erected to protect key approaches onto the islands. It is uncertain what the Grendel are planning, but as the vessels that brought these mercenaries ashore have now departed it appears that the barbarians are digging in for the coming season.

Three conjunctions have been divined by the civil service prognosticators that offer opportunities for the heroes of Anvil to strike against these minor defences. Portals to the Summer's Stone Regio at Halcorim, Estavia's Key and the Isle of Seven Goats all offer a chance for forces to be sent in to drive back the Grendel troops from their defences and permit any Imperial forces committed in the coming campaign season to swiftly recapture the Free Landing islands.

Feni Fight Ferociously

Connor's Rock, Chalkdowns14:15 Saturday15 people20 minutes

At the Winter Equinox there were two opportunities for Imperial Heroes to travel through the Sentinel Gate to attempt to strike at raiding Feni warbands - one in Wood Heath, Hahnmark, and one in Birchland, Upwold. Unfortunately, it seems that those attempts both ended in failure, as more reports of Feni raids have continued to emerge.

As of the Spring Equinox, however, more recent reports indicate what appears to be a change of behaviour for the Feni. Firstly, the attacks in Hahnmark began to cross over into the hills of Southridge around a month after the Winter Equinox, but have since abated significantly. Whether this is due to that warband meeting a sticky end at the hands of Winterfolk warriors, or whether something more nefarious is afoot, is currently unclear.

By contrast, the Feni warband that was active in Birchland has only become more active. Reports seem to indicate that it has swelled in size, and now represents the equivalent of two or three military units - and not only that, but the raids the Feni are making appear to be more and more widespread. Homesteads, monasteries and market towns in Ashbrook and Tower March have been targeted, and the latest reports - from up to three weeks before the Solstice - indicate attacks have crossed the border into the Mournwold, where the thralls appear to receive just as much trouble as Marcher citizens - perhaps more, as they are by nature indisposed to fighting, and several of their farms in Freemoor have been thoroughly sacked.

The prognosticators have noted that there will be a conjunction on the Saturday afternoon of the coming summit to the area around the menhir known as Connor's Rock, in the Chalkdowns, Mournwold. It is clear this conjunction is something to do with the Feni - a troubling omen, as it indicates that their attacks are pushing westwards into the Chalkdowns. However, this opportunity to strike back at the Feni would at least hamper their raiding activity, likely reducing or entirely preventing any impact on farms and other resources in the Mourn. If the Feni are not stopped them all farms and businesses in the Mournwold will lose 36 rings and all herb gardens will lose 2 random herbs in the coming season.

Frozen Floes Foes

Iqaluit Rise, East Floes17:00 Saturday75 people20 minutes
Pangnirtung Station, East Floes17:30 Saturday75 people20 minutes

As the Equinox draws closer and the grip of winter weakens upon the pack ice of the great lakes of Sermersuaq the surfaces of Big Sister and Little Brother are broken by clawing hands that reach up from the freezing depths. Despite the timely intervention of the Heroes of the Mark at the Winter Solstice, saving several Suaq settlements from hordes of the restless dead, the undead have once again risen to plague the open tundra and iceways of eastern Sermersuaq.

Local trackers, icewalkers and Imperial War Scouts are quick to track the frozen corpses as they march inland. Eagle-eyed rangers are quick to spot a number of living merrow mages among the drowned corpses. Clad in the warm layers of the Suaq, these humans are most certainly alive, yet not troubled by the dead that surround them. Who these triton are, or what their goals are is at this time unknown.

Two conjunctions off chances for the heroes of Wintermark to engage the husks as they move across the East Floes. The first conjunction opens to Iqaluit Rise through which several hundred husks have been tracked during the past week. Pangnirtung Station, an old mammoth hunter and trading outpost, is the location of the second conjunction. Two large hosts will need to be assembled to battle the undead, comprising of all manner of warriors, mages and healers; those who fought these horrors from the briney deep last season will be aware of the dangers faced when combating this type of foe. The Wintermark egregores and the Imperial war scout representative will be able to provide further information.

Note: The battle team invite anyone who wishes to monster these two skirmishes to arrive at Monster by 16:30 to get into kit and be briefed ready for the 17:00 start. We will need you to monster both 20 minute skirmishes. It is not possible to turn up late and join in after 17:00.

You will be playing husks of dead humans that have crawled from the icy waters of the East Floes. Simple LRP base layers will be sufficient, but Wintermark kit you have will make for a better looking encounter. We have a limited number of small latex domino masks to wear, along with shredded shrouds. A simple effect can also be achieved with face paint and our makeup team can help apply it at Monster.

Husks are predominantly shambling corpses animated by Winter spirits, there will be little need to run about but combat is highly-likely. We do not require water carriers or low-combatant support forces. Please do not bring the following equipment:

  • Bows and Crossbows
  • Throwing weapons

Fire in the Forlorn Forests

Silent Stand, West Ranging18:00 Saturday75 people20 minutes
Far Steading, West Ranging18:30 Saturday75 people20 minutes

Shortly before the Spring Equinox two heralds of the Winter Realm appear at the Imperial Regio. They speak on behalf of Surut of the Thrice Cursed Court and have come to provide information to the civil service relating to the Imperial campaign in West Ranging, Liathaven. The heralds, clad in forge-black Marcher harness and burned gambeson, describe at length Surut's wish that the Navarr continue to lead his fires against the Vallorn. Two Spring Regio remain in the region, lone islands of verdant foliage to which the horrors of Yaw-nagrah, Jotun husks and twisted fauna of the deep woods have retreated. Surut desires these founts of fecundity to be put to his burning flame, and requests that the Navarr, along with their Marcher allies sally forth as emissaries for his consuming flames.

Two conjunctions have been detected by the civil service, allowing access to Silent Stand and Far Steading, and the locations of the two Spring Regio. The prognosticators note that both of these locations are sites of engagements over the past several years between the Empire and the Jotun. Surut's heralds request that the Navarr general of the Quiet Step - currently Brennos Brackensong - travel to both of these locations to act a focus for the power of Winter's Flame, allowing Surut to destroy these regio and wither the forest around them.

Forces close to these regio report that despite the devastation already wrought in the area, a Vallorn miasma still hangs in the air. Entering the miasma will cause the blood to become venomed and feel like a burning fire. It is also likely that those who remain in the miasma too long will become infected with Green Lung. Scouts have sent reports of husks, both human and orc in origin, twisted chitin clad humanoids, giant mutated insects and striding masses of bark and vegetation here.

It is understood that engaging the Vallorn in these areas, along with the destruction of the regio by Surut's boon, should be sufficient to reduce the strength of the Vallorn remaining in the region. If both opportunities are successful then Imperial forces will be able to control the entire West Ranging region, secure a beachhead in Liathaven, and allow them to push into West Wood without worry of their supply lines being at risk from attack.

Note: The battle team invite anyone who wishes to monster these two skirmishes to arrive at Monster by 17:30 to get into kit and be briefed ready for the 18:00 start. We need you to monster both 20 minute skirmishes. It is not possible to turn up late and join in after 18:00.

You will be playing Vallorn Husks of either dead humans or orcs. Simple LRP base layers will be sufficient, but any Navarr, Marcher, Wintermark or Jotun kit you have will make for a better looking encounter. We have a limited number of small latex domino masks to wear, along with shredded shrouds. A simple effect can also be achieved with face paint and our makeup team can help apply it at Monster. We also have plastic vines that you can accessorise your costume with.

Husks are predominantly shambling corpses animated by vegetation, and there will be limited need to run about but combat is highly-likely. We do not require water carriers or low-combatant support forces. Please do not bring the following equipment:

  • Shields
  • Bows and Crossbows
  • Throwing weapons

Verminous Villain at Veltsgorsk

The road near the Granites of Veltsgorsk, Opascari, Volodmartz20:15 Saturday15 people

Scant days before the summit is due to begin worrying news comes south of a warband of orc warriors active in the northern mountains of Volodmartz. According to the reports, the force consist of a mixture of orcs and husks and are led by an orc warlock. The evidence, the location, the leadership, the nature of the forces all strongly suggest that this group are Thule, but Imperial scouts have not yet had time to check. The orcs have raided the carts and caravans of a number of small mines, stealing what gold, gems and orichalcum they can - which is common practice for Thule, but they are not taking slaves which definitely isn't like the Thule.

There are some confused reports that the force may be flying their own banners. Those who escape these attacks say their leader is a fearful magician whose staff stings like a snake’s bite.

So far, they have only attacked a few sites, and made away with relatively little. They were last seen heading north-west – toward the huge White Granite mine at Veltsgorsk, in Brez. Imperial prognosticators have done some hasty checking and managed to identity a conjunction to the area which may prove decisive.

Unto the Utique

Ceramic Meander Slave Camp, Iteri20:30 Saturday25 people20 minutes
Ceramic Meadows, Iteri21:00 Saturday25 people20 minutes

Reports from Zenith have identified a Druj encampment, at Ceramic Meander, Iteri, where prisoners captured during the Highguard retreat out of the territory are being held. A month before the Spring equinox several Druj warbands have arrived at the camp and taken away selected prisoners, these slave parties have since been tracked heading east and then north, likely taking a circuitous route around Therunin to the Barrens. The camp itself is well guarded by Chikad warriors, smart and cunning skirmishers who are alert to any attempts to escape. Despite the risk, Imperial war scouts have managed to infiltrate the camp and speak with a number of the Highborn soldiers. Morale is strong, but conditions are brutal with frequent lashings and public excoriation by their captors. A particularly vile Tepel apothecary has selected a single prisoner each day to be paraded in front of their fellow soldiers and forced to drink a noxious brew that swiftly burns their insides like acid, causing a horrific death.

Two opportunities exist to use conjunctions of the Sentinel Gate to assist in a rescue attempt at the camp. A force of Imperial war scouts and volunteer unconquered are ready to escort any escapees away to safety across the Utique river. All that is required is a distraction to draw the guards away from the Ceramic Meander Slave Camp, then a second force that can hold against the Chikad at Ceramic Meadows to delay their return to the camp. The civil service war scout representative - Orn Eidrmutr - will be available near the Sentinel Gate should the heroes of Anvil wish to discuss plans further.

These opportunities are a risky proposition and will require great skill and courage to effect a successful rescue. At this stage it is uncertain how many can be rescued, but there are at least two hundred soldiers that can be quickly returned to the ranks of the Granite Pillar, Valiant Pegasus and Seventh Wave. If the escape goes to plan, the civil service will be able to inform the Highborn generals of the numbers that have been rescued by the final meeting of the Military Council on Sunday of the Equinox.