To expand the Kruidenkenner Magazjin at Crown’s Quay.

This will create no new imperial titles but will significantly enhance the existing ministries of the High Herbalist of Sybella in Highguard, the Master of the Clearing House in the League, the Vizier of the Incarnadine Satchel in the Brass Coast, and the Kruidenkenner Trademaster.

This will require a civilian commission. This is the last season that this opportunity will be available.

Proposed by Segura, seconded by Madruga.



  • Autumn 383YE


  • Non-standard costs apply as detailed here
  • 24 wains of weirwood
  • 48 crowns in labour costs
  • 3 months to construct


  • 6 thrones and 24 wains of weirwood provided by Dino i Riqueza after Autumn Equinox 383YE

Campaign Outcome