Flavours of Africa


Flavours of Africa are one of the caterers who we have invited to cater at all Empire events in 2018. They will be setting up in the out-of-character area near GOD and the other OOC hostelries. See the Flavours of Africa website for more information.


MenuAdult PriceChildren
Jollof Rice & Plantain£6.00£4.00
Jollof Rice & Bean Cake£6.00£4.00
Plantain & Bean Cake£6.00£4.00
Plantain & Spinach£6.00£4.00
Jollof Rice & Spinach£6.00£4.00
Jollof Rice & Chicken£6.00£4.00
Plantain & Chicken£6.00£4.00
Box containing bits of all the above £7.50£6.00
Any of the individual dishes is priced at£5.00£3.00
  • Jollof Rice: Rice cooked in tomatoes, Rapeseed oil, peppers, paprika, spices & bay leaf - Vegan/Veg.
  • Plaintain: Savoury version of banana cooked in rapeseed oil - Vegan/Veggie.
  • Bean Cake (Moin moin): Black eyed beans blended with tomatoes, paprika, spices, peppers and rapeseed oil, into a paste & baked - Vegan/Veggie.
  • Spinach Stew – Spinach and Kale cooked in a rich paprika based sauce - Vegan/Veggie.
  • BBQ/Stewed Chicken: Chicken cooked three ways of; boiling, barbequed and then stewed using a family recipes in all three processes.

All the above are all gluten, dairy, wheat, soya, sugar, Palm Oil and mushroom free and in our BBQ/Stewed Chicken, we only use Halal Chicken.