To build a fort in Greensward named "Farstriders Watch". To be funded by the Imperatrix.

Proposed by Conscience of the Senate, seconded by Holberg


  • The creation of a new fortification, Farstrider's Watch, on the Greensward in Mournwold.
  • Passed in principle


  • Autumn 381YE



  • 40 wains of white granite provided by Orrick after Winter Solstice 381YE.
  • 16 wains white granite and 32 crowns effectively provided due to the Silent Sentinel opportunity.
  • 24 wains of white granite and 16 thrones provided by Orrick after Spring Equinox 382YE.

Campaign Outcome

  • This will build a new rank one fortification in the Greensward.
  • The new fortification will be completed shortly before the Winter Solstice 382YE.