Live-roleplayers of all ages are welcome to take part in Empire, but it is important to appreciate that you are playing a game alongside adults so we expect you to be mature and to play the game the same way they do. This means that you should try to stay in-character as much as possible. If you need to drop out-of-character then try to leave any areas that are filled with other players who are roleplaying before you stop roleplaying, so that you don’t disturb their game.

In this game, you will be roleplaying a character who is the same age as you are in real life. There is a range of briefing material that you can read, including some elements that are written specifically for younger players. The more familiar you are with these, the better the you will be able to roleplay; you will get more respect from other players and be included in the game more.

Empire will not make your character a grand hero, but it will offer you the chance to roleplay becoming one if you engage with the game and roleplay accordingly. Your character will not begin as anyone special, but you will be no more or less important than the characters of other players of any age who are attending the game. By roleplaying and reacting as your character you will have opportunities to become an important part of the game world as your character grows up.

Please make sure that you have read the specific guidelines and policies appropriate to your age. The restrictions that are in place are designed to protect everyone attending the event. If you break the rules then you will not be able to attend further events until you are significantly older.

In particular, please note that you are not permitted to purchase alcohol from the tavern before you are eighteen and you are not permitted to take the battlefield until you have passed the warrior test and have the approval of your parent(s). If you break these rules you put the entire event in jeopardy for everyone who is playing and you will not be allowed to resume playing the game before you turn eighteen.

We are confident that you can demonstrate that you are every bit as capable at roleplaying as the adults. But ultimately it’s down to you to show how good a roleplayer you can be.