Lyrics by Jude, to the tune of Pull Down Lads as sung by June Tabor on her album 'Airs and Graces'.

A pdf of the lyrics and tune can be found here with an additional verse if you choose to use it.

Harvest time The corn stands tall and ready We'll reap the grain and sow again The seeds of what will be You marched with Britta's army To fight for loyalty And while you're away, it's here I'll stay Till you come back to me

Darkness falls And all the land lies dreaming The stars are bright and shine tonight They burn as bright as day They'll guide you on till morning Until the east is gray And across the land the dolmens stand Like milestones on your way

Seasons turn And autumn's changed to winter And in the sky the ravens fly Above the frozen fen We'll stand up on the hillside And light the wicker men And like beacons bright they'll burn tonight To guide you home again