Words by Claire Sheridan, to a traditional tune.

A song for the Flower Festival, which is held in Urizen in the Spring. It is a time for the citizens of Urizen to comment and receive comment on their Virtues from other Urizeni citizens. It can also be a time for expressing feelings of love or attraction to others, or letting other citizens know that, as busy as one may be in search of Arete, one would like to share that search with someone else.

I will make you brooches and flowers for your delight, Of birdsong at morning and star-shine at night, I will make a purpose, fit for you and me, Of working together, and so all may see.

I hope you will Prosper, with wealth that you may share, So yellow’s one flower that I’d have you wear, With Wisdom you will find the path that suits you best, And so I would place a white bloom upon your breast.

To take action takes Courage, so I’d deck you out in red, And with pink to take Pride in what’s done and said, I’d never want a coward to work beside of me, I’ll always take Pride in those I keep close to me.

We should all be Loyal, so I’ll make a bloom of blue, When those vows are spoken may we keep them true. I’d have you see the danger before the danger’s here, For Vigilance green is the colour we wear.

The purple of Ambition I’ll give to drive you on, May our works remain long after we’re gone, Now bound up in ribbons, this gift I give to you, Now give me an answer before this song is through.