Original Music & Lyrics by Anna Clifford Tait and Stephanie Heath

RECORDING of this song : If Varushka Wills

Come listen to my song Join in and sing along The fire burns, its orange light Will keep us safe all through the night.

Tell a tale, play your part Burns the fire, burns the heart Play and sing, drink and dance Now's your moment, now's your chance.

Find the path through dark and cold Man and woman, young and old Keep the fire, keep the spark Keep us dancing through the dark.

Winter cares not for your name Dark will take us all the same Hold together, standing strong Noise and music, bind our throng.

Turns the season, turns the wheel Hunger bites, a sting like steel Passions burn through snow and ice Our family, our land, our life.

We are many, we are one Come together, day is done Gainst the darkness, gainst the night Build our shield of blood and light

Share our warmth, take a hand Tap your feet and join our band Through the night the flames grow higher To match the dancers, flying fire

What the morrow brings, who knows? Still the river onward flows Will we all be standing still? If Varushka wills, we will!