Announcement by Imperial Master of Works to improve fortification in Sarvos.
Raised by the Imperial Master of Works.



  • Autumn 382YE


  • This commission uses standard costs.
  • 100 wains of White Granite
  • 200 Crowns of labour.
  • One year to complete.


  • 30 wains of white granite and 7 thrones 4 crowns provided by Gancio after the Autumn Equinox 382YE.
  • 20 wains of white granite and 40 crowns effectively provided due to the Silent Sentinel opportunity.
  • 25 wains of white granite provided by Landon of Longridge after the Spring Equinox 383YE.
  • A further 6 Thrones, 2 Crowns provided by Imperatrix Lisabetta after the Spring Eqinox 383YE.
  • 25 wains of white granite provided by Lieselotte van Holberg after Summer Solstice 383YE.
  • 50 crowns provided by Severin Teyhard von Holberg, for Imperatrix Lisabetta after Summer Solstice 383YE.

Campaign Outcome

  • When complete, the fortification will be increased to an effective strength of 6,000.