Words by Jude to the tune of Cuncti Simus Concanentes. Call and response.

Inez y Guerra.jpg

When I first laid eyes upon her Inez y Guerra Golden sun was shining on her Inez y Guerra

She was brave and she was daring, Captain of a swift corsair Grace was in her every movement, fiery eyes and flowing hair

With the crew she'd sweat and toil Inez y Guerra Every one was true and loyal  Inez y Guerra

Every word she spoke was treasure, when she smiled it brought me joy Every soul aboard adored her, first mate down to cabin boy

Though she scorned both shield and armour Inez y Guerra When she fought no foe could harm her Inez y Guerra

If I were a wealthy Captain, with a ship upon the sea I would sail a golden galleon,'Fair Inez' her name would be

Like a ship upon the ocean  Inez y Guerra Beauty in her every motion Inez y Guerra

With a hold packed full oftreasure, home upon the storm I'd ride I would lay it at her feet if only she would be my bride

Though I never could deserve her- Inez y Guerra All my lifelong days I'll serve her  Inez y Guera