Skarsind lay chilled in the cold of the winter Huddled for heat every human and beast Hoarfrost was hard on the walls and the towers  When the orc armies came like a storm in the east

Swift were the soldiers and keen was their courage Ceaseless the struggle and fierce was the fight But for every Orc slain there were six standing ready And Skarsind's walls fell to the inhuman blight

Survivors brought tidings of terror to Hahnmark  Though frost took their fingers and hard fell the snow As heavy as lead were their hearts as they told us: 'Skarsgard is fallen and fast comes the foe.'

'Our walls still stand strong and the soldiers stand ready, And each citizen will bear arms to defend But our numbers are few and we never will hold them For they come in their hundreds and seem without end.'

Then up came the voice of Inge Suvvisdottir Her brow bound with gold, and her words cold and clear 'Wintermark lives by the strength of three peoples, And now we have need of each of of them here.'

'Send word to the Suaq and to Kallivesa Command them to come without any delay Then give me nine warriors sworn to my banner   To harry the horde and to hold them at bay.'

The swiftest of messengers bore forth the orders While Inge strode out to the eye of the storm And nine nights and days in the mountains she fought them Till at last she was slain and the foemen marched on

There at the borderlands army met army Great deeds were done and they won great renown Long nights they fought, and the orc tribes were vanquished But gone was brave Inge and lost was the crown

A tear for the Skarsind, lost land and lost people A tear for the hero in battle laid low A tear for the shame, till at last we take vengeance With steel in our hands, and their blood on the snow.