Original: Least Of My Kind by Three Weird Sisters, found here, adapted by by Katherine Faber.
A pdf of the words and music can be found here.

Covered in dirt and mud, aching and spitting blood Cursing, you start to rise and groan. Far off through field and fell mutters the Chapter bell: Never a Guardian falls alone

Chorus: Think on the battle’s cost; this time the Lancer lost Beaten and broken and blind. Better beware one more, better prepare for war: I was the least of my kind. Prying my arrows cold out of my fingers’ hold Pause to take stock, reflect and rue; Look on the damage done here by a single one What do you think a whole Lance will do?


Bury me where I fall, far from the Chapter’s Call; Slain in a fight I could not win; Nearby, Unconquered hear, heads turn with pricking ears Thought you, you fool, that I had no kin?

Chorus x2