Tune "Ainte" trad Syrian. Lyrics by Jude. Recording here

Alternative tune and recording by Mark C https://www.dropbox.com/s/68d9b9dvzgnr3pn/Lost%20Segura.mp3

Now breathes the wind from lost Segura Bearing a memory of spices as it blows The  orange trees at noon, their sweet perfume  The gardens at midnight where white jasmine grows

Nothing remains in lost Segura In ashes and dust the City lies And pale, beloved bones lie on cracked stones Lost to the sun and the wind and the skies

Carry my heart to lost Segura Tell it I'll keep the vow I made To the city of my Kin - and once again Sip wine by its river and drowse in its shade

Aaaa, lost Segura...

After Segura was recaptured in 378, new lyrics for this Freeborn song were penned by Estana I Mestiere I Guerra, General of the Red Wind Corsairs.

Breathe free the wind from sweet Segura, Rich spice now fills our senses, fiercely as it grows. Fruit freshly comes to bloom, oh what sweet perfume. The scent of freedom carried as triumph glows.

Ooooh, sweet Segura, we vowed that we would find you, chains cast aside and victory shared. Ooooh, sweet Segura, my heart has never lost you, we are returned and here to stay.

Freedom returns to sweet Segura, in glory and love our cities will rise. Our fallen now avenged, the wind blows red, A storm of salvation from eastern skies.

Oooh sweet Segura etc

My heart has come home, to sweet Segura, Tell all we kept the vows we made. To the city of my kin, and once again, Sip wine by its river and drowse in its shade.

Ooooh sweet Segura, etc