• Original composition by Chris Clarke
  • Sung by Chris Clarke, Mark Kuggeleijn , Asha Menai Oldale , William Kitchen and Lynda Cully
  • March On

The Grendel say they ride the waves, Those waves will broke upon our shields. The Grendel say they’re born of stone, Before our blades even stone yields.

[chorus] March on now Jotun, Now Jotun fight! Hold firm now Jotun, None can stand before our might!

The Thule’s slaves toil in their mines, Yegarra to become, they pray. Their leaders call themselves Dragons, But there’s no beast we cannot slay.

The forests of Liathaven, Teem with vallorn monstrosities. The Jotun will drive them all out, If we must fell every tree.

The winterfolk may oft' fight true, Deep in snow on frozen plains. But soon enough we will break through, And strike five down for each orc slain.

The Navaari are most foul, Venom drips from every blade. The daggers of the human Druj, Shall break themselves on Jotun plate.

Ancestors now hear my voice, As I fight the honoured foe. We'll give all of them the Choice, Join us now or be laid low.