This goes to the tune of Scot's Whae Hae - a video of the original can be found here

Marchers who have sown your grain Reaped it back to grow again Now we march from field and fen On to victory

Now's the day, and now's the hour; See the front o' battle lour; See approach barbarian power- Chains and slavery!

What will be a traitor knave? What can fill a coward's grave? What so base as be a slave? Let him turn and flee!

For the Marches land and law, Freedom's sword will strongly draw, Free-man stand, or Free-man fa', Let them on wi' me!

By oppression's woes and pains! By their slaves in servile chains! We will drain our dearest veins, But they shall be free!

Lay the proud usurpers low! Tyrants fall in every foe! Liberty's in every blow!- Let us do or die!