by Stephanie Heath and Anna Clifford-Tait

Recording here: Mother Varushka

Mother Varushka is old as the hills Her tears fill the streams and her sighs turn the mills She smiles at our birth and our passing she mourns But fools and idlers she scorns

Chorus: Varushka, Varushka, our mother so dear She laughs and she weeps and her anger we fear She cradles us closer each day that we spend And when we are gone, still our path she will tend

Mother Varushka is wise as can be She knows what is needed for each thing to be She melts what she can of her snow-covered shawl To give us good food and to keep us safe all


Mother Varushka is cunning and brave A thousand times over, our lives she will save Careful and wary, like the spider she spins And watches and waits for the wolves to fall in Chorus Mother Varushka is loyal and true She loves all her children, the old and the new However she struggles neath Winter's cruel yoke She still will defend her own brave Varushkan folk.