To the tune of Nu tret herzuo, a German flagellation song. Lyrics JR/music trad. Arr. Katy Cooper. A wonderful version of Katy's arrangement sung by Glasgow Madrigirls is here

Helper files: Melody: File:Mvgtw-tune.mp3 Top harmony (one note!) File:Mvgtw-top.mp3 Middle harmony File:Mvgtw-mid.mp3 Bottom harmony File:Mvgtw-bot.mp3

Melody [all verses]: File:Mother Varushka Goes To War.wav

When singing put the last line repeat in. If doing the harmonies either skip the repeat or harmony singers join in with melody for the repeat.

Come Varushka's sons and daughters Arm yourselves for blood and slaughter Now the snows turn red with gore For mother Varushka goes to war (x2)

Come my sisters and my brothers Like your fathers and your mothers Marched to battle years before Now mother Varushka goes to war (x2)

On to battle in the morning Red shall be the new day's dawning Raise the banner high before Mother Varushka goes to war (x2)

Now the drums of war are beating Onward march and no retreating Till we fall to rise no more When mother Varushka goes to war (x2)