It is important that the key in-character activity of the Empire world takes place at events. The game is busier and better if everything that can happen in the field, does happen in the field. Trade negotiations, religious debates, military planning, magical discourse and political discussions and appointments are all examples of activities that should happen at events. For this reason we generally discourage too much downtime roleplaying between events and put strict limits on what can be done online particularly using our forums and facebook groups.

With the coronavirus lockdown, however, there is no possibility of players meeting up to live roleplay. On weekends when we would have run a cancelled Empire event, we've decided to lift our normal restrictions on posting IC content to facebook and the forums for a short period. Across those weekends, what we'd like to see are posts from people talking about our game, either talking out of character about things you've enjoyed, or in character about things that you've done. We'd like to see it in text, and we'd like to see it in video, either done in or out of kit.

Although we are relaxing some rules, the rules outlined below still apply throughout this period. Please ensure that any posts you make to our forums or facebook groups abide by all these rules.

Avoid Contentious Claims

  • If another character would want to rebut your claim - don't post it

You must take reasonable steps to avoid making contentious claims or statements in anything you post. It's fine to post details about your character, but you should avoid making claims for things being true which are not widely supported by the wiki. The underlying goal is to avoid in-character conversations that are better had at events - so the acid test is if another character in Empire might reasonably want to post a rebuttal to your claim then we will take it down.

So you can lay claim to be the Cardinal of Vigilance - if the wiki acknowledges that you hold that title. But you shouldn't claim to be the favoured of Jaheris - because that's a contentious issue. You can claim to be a disciple of Jaheris - that's not something anyone can easily dispute - but you shouldn't claim that Jaheris is coming to save the Empire from Eleonaris. That's not a statement of fact supported by the wiki.

Do Not Push Agendas

  • Do not promote your character's agendas

Empire is a game of player-vs-player politics - the key conflicts of the game arise from characters who attend the event having competing agendas. Your agenda might be personal advancement - you might want to stand for Cardinal of Vigilance at the next event. It could be military - perhaps you want everyone to unit to drive the Jotun out of Sermersuaq. It might be religious - maybe you want to have the Axiou be publicly declared as heretics by the Synod.

All of these things are wonderful ambitions to have - they're part and parcel of what Empire is built to support. But if this kind of roleplaying shifts online it will be to the detriment of the game. So we take down anything which could reasonably constitute promoting a character's personal agenda, so that roleplaying can be saved for the field.

Observe the Conduct Rules

  • The normal conduct rules apply at all times

The standard rules for conduct at events apply to all posts made on our forums and facebook groups. Anything that breaks our conduct rules will be taken down, so you must ensure that you follow the guidelines.

Avoid Haggling or Agreeing Deals

  • You may advertize in-character services provided you do not haggle online

We believe that in-character announcements, such as those advertising a national event or offering an in-character service add more to the game for our players than they detract from it. It is fine to post an advert for a service offered by your character or group or for a meeting that you are arranging or similar There are several guidelines that we ask participant to follow when posting an advert of this kind:

  • Don't invite price negotiating - You can state a price or leave one off, but haggling or negotiation over prices must best left to the field
  • Do not add additional comments - Do not say “You see this poster across the Empire". If you do this, you’re starting to narrate the reality of the world which is not permitted.

If possible, it is great if you can do both of the following:

  • Provide a plain text version - Beautiful posters and images are wonderful, but endeavour to provide a copy of the text alongside your image.
  • Use the Hub - There’s a message board in The Hub which citizens can use - if you post online, please endeavour to also advertise in-character

Empire has an active economy and the costs of resources can be a powerful lever with which to influence the world. Therefore, discussion about the trading costs of resources, or statements about what things should cost are prohibited.

No Forums purely for IC roleplaying

  • No IC forums for nations or Imperial political bodies
  • Emails and group forums are fine

Our core goal is to ensure that important game decisions are taken at events, rather than between events. For this reason we are asking players not to create IC forums for one of the ten nations or for any of the core Imperial political bodies - the Senate, Synod, Bourse, Military Council and the Conclave.

Although it is fine to send IC communications by email or use forums for groups, we would ask that you don't engage in important IC discussions of the kinds listed above unless you are at an event. It is ok to advertise IC services on the Empire Facebook group, provided you don't then get drawn into IC negotiations with other players for those services. Please save this for when everyone is in-character at the event.

In-Character Emails

  • It is fine to send emails as in-character letters
  • You may use the forums to request email contacts

It is fine to send emails to players representing letters you have sent to their character. In-character letters should be sent privately - but you can use our social media to request contact details for people. For example, if you wish to speak to all arbiters of Urizen, then it is acceptable to ask the arbiters to contact you with an appropriate contact method but not to post up a letter into a group/forum unless your character is issuing a public announcement to anyone who wishes to hear it.

Although it is fine to send IC communications by email or use forums for groups, we would ask that you don't engage in important IC discussions of the kinds listed above unless you are at an event. Please save this for when everyone is in-character at the event.

In-Character Documentation

  • Other players are free to make in-character phys-reps of any in-character material you publish

If you send an email to another character that is an in-character letter then they are free to turn that into an actual in-character document, the phys-rep of the letter they have received from your character. Likewise, if you publish an in-character announcement on the forums or facebook groups, or if you post an in-character advert then any player can turn that into an in-character document and use it at the events if they wish to.

Communication with NPCs

  • You cannot send winged messengers between events
  • We ask our NPCs not to send IC communications between events

You are welcome to send IC communications to egregores and Anvil civil servants between events but all our staff have been asked not to respond until the next event. They may choose to bring such IC communications with them to the next event and act on them there.

Rituals cannot be performed in downtime so you cannot perform Call Winged Messenger unless you are at an event.

Please also appreciate that our crew are all volunteers. While they may choose to respond to questions, Profound Decisions do not expect crew to handle any OOC communications between events. If you need a response, please email Profound Decisions instead.

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